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denmonkey 07-07-18 11:27 PM

Liquimoly Diesel Engine Intake Decarb -incl video
Hi Guys,

I had a chance to run a can of the Liquimoly Diesel Engine Intake Decarb through the NT today.

I'd heard good reports on it and was more curious than any real requirement.

I don't have much time to be able to pull the intake apart to check it out properly as yet but will get around to that at a later date.

So whilst I can't guarantee any physical improvements following the clean, it certainly felt better after running the single can through.

From the throttle body it looked pretty clean, but obviously things get worse the further you get in.

As it's second hand, I don't really know if it's been done before but the services were kept up.

Over all. I'm pretty happy with the spend of 30 bucks for the test and happy with the results.....even if they are just in my head.

Curious if others have tried it and what they thought the results were ?

As per usual. Here's the vid. Intake Decarb

cheers Brett

NTBenny 08-07-18 06:55 AM

Good video Brett. Thanks for sharing.


Paj11 08-07-18 07:38 AM

When I first bought the Paj my mechanic put two cans of the Subaru stuff, did it at 92k, so at least it dowsn’t harm it, it’s part of the Subaru serving schedule every 30k as they are notorious for clogging up the upper manifold, so no problems there.

denmonkey 09-07-18 01:17 PM

no probs Benny. welcome

Cheers Paj11. That's good to hear.
Some seem to think it's the end of the world but I'm yet to run into a confirmed example where it caused problems.
Lots of debate as to the possible harms around where the deposits get to when removed.

If dealers and mechanics are using a similar process, I can't see it being that bad.

Either way, I thought I'd roll the dice and check it out and in the end I'm happy with the small improvement I got out of it :)

rotare 09-07-18 01:44 PM

I ran a can of that stuff through my Paj a few months ago. Brought it on special for like $15. For that price I thought it was worth just giving it a go. Was skeptical it was going to make any difference, but I reckon it made the car feel a little smoother and more responsive. I'd actually momentarily forgotten I'd ran a can through the car, and a few days later after the treatment I took the car for a drive and thought the car felt a bit more responsive and nicer to drive, then made the connection it was likely the result of the 'magic spray' :dunno[1]:

I've seen how hard the crud bakes onto the inlet manifold, so it clearly isn't removing that stuff. Maybe it just got rid of any oily residue? I've had my EGR blocked since the vehicle was almost new, but don't run a catch can.

denmonkey 09-07-18 02:35 PM

I think it might be like that magic water they put on the soccer players that heals them right up.

Glad it's not just me that thought it ran a bit better afterwards.

I might keep an eye out for a special and run another can through just for shits and giggles.

or at the very least, run one through just before i do each oil change.

I also did the diesel purge based on the thread in this forum but didn't notice much of a change.

Seigried 09-07-18 04:39 PM

Here was the intake on my ns when i bought it at 231000ks. It has the revised nt manifold. The second pic is half a can of molly with the engine warm and only allowed to idle.

It does make a diffrence, but its a maintenance item/cost to maintain a "clean" manifold. One like mine needs removed and done properly.

I did run the rest of the can through at a later date with some help. I also ran diesel purge plus through at that time. Between the two it restored a significant amount of fuel economy to my ns.

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denmonkey 09-07-18 07:32 PM

Hey Seigried,

that's a good pic you got there. I'll stick a torch up mine to check it out. I might snag one of those cheap cameras to stick up there and check it out.

Since I only did it on the weekend I haven't paid too much attention to the fuel usage or any change.

Heading on a small trip this weekend with some freeway work for a section, so that will give me a chance to see.

Not expecting miracles, but would be nice though...especially with the price of diesel at the mo

brianjamo 20-06-20 12:26 PM

On special at Supercheap this weekend $20. I've just ordered an ebay cheapie endoscope camera so will try and get some before and after pics. Car is an NT diesel 200k's, EGR resistor at 160k's, otherwise no catch can, manifold treatment or cleaning. Full synthetic oil on short changes.

denmonkey 30-06-20 01:48 AM

thanks for the heads up Brian. Interested to hear how you go with the scope.

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