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Peterng 10-09-17 09:33 AM

Luci 2.0 Outdoor Inflatable Lantern
I'm just back from an overnight camp where the midges and me were on a first name basis.
We forgot the NT Perfume..

I being a 4wd camper, I just love the gadgets...I have been chasing a decent Lantern for a while...and I have found one.
It's not conventional.
It's different...very different.

It's called the Luci 2.0 Inflatable Lantern.

What I like with this particular LED light, is that it incapsulates the "Camping Ethos.."

1/. It's very light weight. 10 out of 10...
2/. Very compact to carry and pack up...10 out of 10
3/. Very Very cheap to run....10 out of 10
4/. Nearly Unbreakable...9 out of 10
5/. Excellent performance...10 out of 10
6/. Very easy to clean...8 out of 10...
6/. Very Reliable...10 out of 10

But most importantly...very reasonably priced for its real time performance!!!

You have to inflate the Lantern by blowing it up, just like that pool toy you did for the kids!
Yep, you have read right...
...You have to blow it up..

It is solar charged, so there is no batteries to buy.
This lantern is so compact, you can place it on your car dashboard as you drive along and it will get charged.
It takes about 3 to 4 hours to full recharge from dead flat...
On the maximum power setting, I got about 4 hours of decent light, on the lower setting ad about another 1 to 2 hours.
It has a built in indicator, so you can see how much the inbuilt batteries have in reserve.
The light has 3 power settings, low, high and alternate (Flashing).
The performance of this lantern light is very extraordinary and quite impressive considering its simplistic design.
Yes, it has a few foibles, but these in the lantern's over design are not too much.
1/. The Lantern can be a bit finicky to inflate initially, but once you get the idea working, there will be little hassles.
2/. The plastic can get dirty at times, but a quick wipe over with a moist rag...all clean again.

This lantern has some serious LED light output.

nj swb 10-09-17 12:50 PM


Not so much because I need it, but because I like what the company is trying to achieve. :clap2[1]:

And it's a camping gadget that lights up... :D

Thanks for posting. :beer[1]:

Ian H 10-09-17 01:14 PM


Originally Posted by nj swb (Post 561960)

Me too. I just like gadgets.

Peterng 03-05-18 08:47 PM

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A postscript about the Luci 2.0 Outdoor Solar light.

I have used this light now for nearly 12 months for various camping outings, but the latest camping outing these Luci Outdoor lights really came into their own.
We travelled out of Gove down to Goolwa and took about 2 weeks camping..
The Luci, is a blowup solar light that really throws out some serious lumens for its is very light in weight..maybe a 100gms, so we hang them from lower tree branches, off the side of the roof rack, generally anywhere close to the camp site and the camp is lit up quite well.
It's not like Las Vegas, but the Luci gets the job done and I can save my second battery Ahr's for the 12v fridge.
When the air is pushed out of them, they become very compressed, so we place them on the dash, jam them into the windscreen and the sun does the rest....all charged ready for the next camp site!

denmonkey 14-07-18 11:47 PM

thats a good idea for charging them and always having it ready to go.

Peterng 16-07-18 09:08 PM

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This is a camp site in Elliot NT about 8 pm...we have 3 of these Luci lights going and they do the job quite admirabliy.

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