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26-03-10, 11:01 PM
Hi there I just joined so glad to be on the forum. I own a 1994 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 and it is currently the blue with silver gray flares and I want to change the colour to a Porsche Cayene Grey/Charcoal and customize it so that it is unique.

I was at my body shop today and spoke to someone who came highly recommended to me by my mechanic. He looked over my truck and told me that to do the job right he would have to remove a lot of the parts like flares, weather stripping, windows, etc. I want to change the colour from blue to doing the truck in a charcoal/grey colour.

I told the mechanic I want it done correctly and he agreed.

The one concern is with removing items like the main windshield, flares, weather stripping and if these parts break or on removing they break. The biggest concern is the weather stripping, and what happens with various window fixtures, etc.

Does anyone have any advice, manuals for body repair and anyone who has customized their pajero and completely given it a new paint job that was professionally and correctly done.

I would appreciate some help because when I do this I want to understand exactly how much it will cost and whether or not I can get parts.

I live in Toronto Canada so parts are not that readily available.

28-03-10, 04:05 PM
not that i woudl ever repaint a 4x4 when i did my dato 1600 guy removed front and rear windshields and pout new strips back in dont remove it your self u will break it.. all handles body trim ect.. will need to be removed.. flares and shit will no break just do it properly... paint job would be 1000 plus i paid 1500 for a 2 pac white.. nothign flash... and for that size car well over 2 grand... but it depends where u go dotn go to a big shop try and find some who is cheap works from him self etc... see what car he has there..