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20-10-07, 09:57 PM
Need advises for clearing the rotten smell of aircondontioning; my NL is always garaged but whenever the aircon is on, very bad smell comes out from airduct, takes a few minutes to clear. No idea how to get ride of those annoying smell.

20-10-07, 10:17 PM
Are you talking about a old dust smell?

The only way is to get to the evap coil and clean it (usually a pain in the butt and a full day or two to do it, as you typically have to pull half the dash out - not sure in the pajero)

Para Ordnance
20-10-07, 11:12 PM
Purchase a can of the better smelling Glen 20 (alpine fresh or something??) and set the a/c system to "fresh".
Spray down the vents under the windsreen, don't be shy, spray heaps.. and then spray some into the actual dash vents.
If you are keen, you can even remove the blower fan, and spray through the ducting under the dash.
Let the car run with a/c on for a few minutes, and the smell should be improved ten fold, for a long time.

Otherwise, auto shops like repco, etc sell air care products where you can stick tubes into ducts and spray a foam like substance to kill off bad smells!

21-10-07, 01:52 AM
Generally the cause will be a blocked or partially blocked drain tube - stale water residing in the drain tray, alongside with a composting leaf or 2 isnt a good recepe for fresh air. Air nossel with gental pressure up the drain tube and see if theres any restriction and / or any change. If so it would pay to clean it out - if not, ignore all i said :)

22-10-07, 02:25 PM
I have had the same problem with an AU Falcon, 2 Nissan Pulsars and my NP Pajero, the drains were all OK.
What I do with all my cars now is I turn the A/C off about 1/2 KM from home and just leave the fan on. Leaving the fan on dries out the cooling coil and hence no dampness left to cause the smell you get after the car has been idle. It is a pain in the arse but you don't get that shocking smell when you turn that fan on for the first time.

22-10-07, 09:17 PM
Tks all the inputs. Will report later what is the most effective way to kill the smell.

23-03-08, 08:48 AM
This smell is caused from what was sed above, stale water in the drain tray and leaf matter n the likes....usually, however the aircon unit creates cold condensation itself, but also it heats up due to the system werking, so u have condensation and warmth = mould, thats what ur smelling. What u need to fix it(the best thing ive come across) is a $35 odd can of aircon conditioner from a company like cargroomers, they will want to charge u more because they want to do it for u, but its a simple process so all u need is the can itself. all u do is turn fresh air on, spray down the vents just below the windscreen, run the car for 10 mins like that and thenspray some more, about half the can gone by now, let it get in the cabin again, now take a deep breath and go switch to recirculate. close the door again and leave the car on for another 10 mins. once ur done, turn the aircon off, just the fan running and open all the doors, ull want to get as much of the smell outt the car as u can before u go for a driv or u may end up with a headache.

the can of aircon spray should have instructions and have something written on it about specifically conditioning mouldy smells or the likes.

23-03-08, 09:56 AM
Cost $60-$80 for a can of stuff that you spray onto the evap coil to kill the growth - which gets rid of the smell..

25-03-08, 09:13 PM
that is right it is the mold smell that you are smelling we use some thing like that
cheers liam

11-04-08, 08:54 PM
Why pay all that money for that spray or get dealers to do it for you on a service. Just follow the simple procedure that I posted above and you will have no problems.