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30-12-09, 09:09 AM
Just after some information on spray painting, never done it before. Could someone give me an idea of what volume of paint, primer, thinners, clear coat would be needed to do the whole car from being completely rubbed back to bare metal?

30-12-09, 04:53 PM
Im a panel beater by trade, but have been out of the trade for about 15yrs now. My advise would be, go to your local supplier that specializes in, panel beating & spray painting supplies. As there is many different brands/types of paints available......& some cover better then others. Some brands/types are thicker then others, certain body fillers, spray putty, primers & paints can react againest one another & cause problems along the way. There are so many different variables of combinations.

Question...... have you done all the repairs on the vehicle perfectly? Just remember, paint will not hide any inperfections, the slightest little ripple or scratch in the body or in your repairs will stick out like dogs balls on a new paint job.....especially if its a dark colour. You dont want to go threw all the expense & labour of painting the vehicle if its not prepared correctly.

Its not easy repairing, preparing & painting a car. There is alot of time, effort & labour involved in respraying a car......just take your time doing it & dont cut corners. Speak to your local supplier & do your home work, there is plenty of books available at your local library, & our old mate google & the internet has shit loads of step by step info.

Have fun,

Cheers Stuart

30-12-09, 05:39 PM
Thanks for the reply Knackers,

I haven't done it before, but from reading article and guides I know there is a heap of labour involved in preparing the surfaces before actually spraying the vehicle. I've heard that about not preparing the surfaces shows a lot of imperfections in the body. I do intend in spending the time trying to fill dents and prep the surface.

The paint job has got so bad that I thought it couldn't get any worse by trying to re-spray it

As far as suppliers go, do any come to the top of your head?

30-12-09, 06:13 PM
Where do you live? I live in SE suburbs of melb. there is about 3 suppliers i can think of, off the top of my head. Canterbury Rd Bayswater, Burwood Hwy Ferntree Gully, & Cheltenham Rd Dandenong.

Get back to me if your from Melb, & i will give you more details abt the above suppliers & others.

Glad to be of some help.


30-12-09, 07:18 PM
I'm what a Queenslander would call an Mexican. I'm in Newcaslte NSW.

But i do have another question, my Gen 2 has the grey/silver plastic that goes around the wheel flares and the bottom edges of the vehicle, some of witch the grey/silver is getting patchy. Would it be fine to spray straight over that with silver paint?

30-12-09, 08:48 PM
my NJ has the same silver/grey on the bottom half of the body. Deffinatly not, dont spray straight over the top. Rub it back gently with wet & dry paper, just a light rub, dont push hard, just take the top layer of paint/clear coat off, if the panels are in good condition use paper around 1200, with a rubber rubbing down block, make sure the paper stays dripping wet & clean of paint fragments, the best way to do this is have a dripping wet sponge or cloth held directly above where you are rubbing & sqeeze it gently, make sure the is consistant water running over where u are rubbing.

Listen man, its best to do your home work on google, or the internet before u start, there is websites that give u step by step instructions. I will give u my mobile number threw your person mail on this forum, so please feel free to call me if u need any help or advice, its much easier to talk on the phone rather then type info