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29-11-09, 06:18 AM
does anyone know what tools go in the rear door toolbox on a NM. all i have is a pair pliers in there. cheers

29-11-09, 12:45 PM

That's a cheap torch under the pliers. the driver has a removable handle phillips 1 end the other blade.
2 pce wheel brace, two spanners 12 mm & 10 mm
bottom 1 is 17mm & 14mm.

Gus. :)

29-11-09, 03:16 PM
thanks for that gus

29-11-09, 11:36 PM
Anyone know where I could source a tool set? I don't have one either.

01-12-09, 10:23 AM
My NP GLX did not come with one either... or any tools for that matter..

23-03-15, 12:43 AM
Here is what I did...

Threw the stock toolkit.
Got a couple of nylon tiedown webbing straps with that self-locking clip thing. Then I bought a kit with these riveting things.. made holes in the nylon webbing.. added the rivets and then screwed them into the place where the old kit screws used to be. On the lower side i used steel wire and pulled the remaining webbing through..

I took one of my medium pipe rachet kits and strapped that to the webbing... Now if shit hits the fan i have spanners from 8mm to 19mm and a complete pipe kit with multiple rachets. a screwdriver with several bits. A multitool (swisstool and leatherman wave).. headlight and flashlight.. a multimeter, spare hoses, tubes, atf/engine oil and coolant.. 2 extra alternator belts and one a/c belt. Tire repair kit.. two medickits one for day to day use and one sealed disaster kit for high severity situations conserning multiple wounded. A spare car battery, hand winch, showel, a couple of knifes.. an axe. 10m 5 tonne towing straps and air compressor, zipties.. duct tape.. muck off grime wipes. And a tripod shair.

These things just scratch the surface and are only part of my daily kit always in the car. I forgot to mention 10l of extra diesel and rubber glowes :)

23-03-15, 01:03 AM
Some pictures would be great, sounds like it's a nice little setup