View Full Version : Gen3 steering wheel on Gen2

Mad Mac
02-09-09, 11:51 PM

My steering wheel in my 99 paj has seen better days, it feels a bit spongy, and has small crack marks. It functions fine, but i'm fussy and dont like it.

My problem is, finding gen 2 steering wheels with drivers airbag is quite hard, let along 1 for a kinda alright price.

I'm definently against an aftermarket steering wheel, besides being illegal I think they look horrible.

So i was tossing up with trying 2 fit a gen 3 steering wheel with airbag to my gen2.

I'm not that mechanical, so thought i would just put it out there.

So if any1 knows anything, like do the boltly bits match up? will the cruise control stick work? Will the airbag plug just plug in?

That would b awsome


11-10-09, 05:48 AM
any luck finding out the answer for this? I have the exact same problem, same questions...