View Full Version : Creaking noise

30-08-09, 07:43 PM
I have a 2004 NP 3.2 auto. All standard, no lift kit or special shocks. A couple of weeks ago I started to hear a creaking noise from the rear of the vehicle. I have adjusted the rear door, removed everything from in the rear section, 3rd seats tools jack etc. Checked the rear springs and shocks. Checked for rocks jammed behind the tow bar. Checked the spare wheel mounts and door hinge mounts. All with no improvment. It only creaks when the body twists, like when going slowly over a kerb or a small log. I spayed Armorall round the rear door rubber and it improved for a day then came back. It's driving me mad, has anybody else had this problem or can offer anything else I can check. Thanks guys.