View Full Version : Bash plates for NS and ARB Bull bar without the "gap"

29-06-09, 11:36 PM
I'm looking at bash plates to go under an ARB Sahara bar but ideally want to avoid exposiing the radiator support panel gap between the bottom of the bull bar and the start of the bash plate - see linked thread
Has anyone solved this problem? Does the Sahara bar have anything that would lend itself to having a bash plate attached to / underneath it somehow?
Wouldn't want a bash on the bash plate to trigger air bags though...

The issue is not just the gap - it is the thickness (or lack thereof) of the panel that the bash plate attaches to...

30-06-09, 06:11 PM

That's my car in the photo. You really can't see the gap from normal viewing position - just because of the angle this photo is taken from. I wouldn't worry about it.