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06-05-09, 06:27 PM

I plan to build some drawers for the rear section of my NP Pajero and would like to know where in Victoria I might be able to purchase some heavy-duty ballbearing drawer sliders. I heard that one of the 4WD drawer companies (Outback I think) purchases theirs from a company in Dandenong.
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Daniel Fo
08-05-09, 11:03 AM
I did a bit of serarching around and ended up buying a few pairs from this person on ebay - 1 for myself and a couple for some mates. We've all found them to be very good - very good quality, rated at 90kg's and a bunch of different lengths to choose from - he's located in Melbourne and postage is pretty reasonable. (i've got no association with this seller - just had good service)


I've also got a set of the right-angled roller bearing runners but I think I prefer these ball bearing ones...

08-05-09, 02:31 PM
Try a "wholesale type" hardware store.
I bought mine from Haliday Hardware in Adelaide. 700mm long, 90km rating, & full extension for about $55.

08-05-09, 06:29 PM
Thanks geopaj and Daniel Po,

Will check out the options you suggested.


SPUD (Murphy)

24-05-09, 09:12 PM
g'day Spud,
I made my own drawers out of ply and got a set of draw slides from a cabinet making supplier in Bell Street. Heading towards Heidelberg from Coburg it was on the left a bit before BOC Gases in an industrial park. They were about $26 a pair. I was prepared to burn the draws if they packed it in on our trip around Oz but th edraws and the draw slides seemed to last and for the price I was prepared to risk it. We bought a camper trailer last year and they use the same draw slide. They take a reasonable amount of weight - check with the guys at the store they will give you the kg rating. What I struggled with was the draw handles and locks - have you got these sorted out?

25-05-09, 05:40 PM
FYI, just picked up a black widow draw system out of a ford territory to put in my swb pajero, noticed while pulling it apart that the draw slides use a bracket rolling on several rows of skateboard wheel bearings, simple, effective and strong.