View Full Version : single vs dual-position cargo barrier?

16-04-09, 08:00 PM

My Paj NP has a cargo barrier (Milford) which is supposedly a single-position version (behind second row seats).

I have some questions if those who know can help please =

1) is the dual position cargo barrier any different? Or it's a matter of brackets?

2) are the mounting holes in the vehicle standard or were they drilled by the installer (I bought the vehicle already with cargo barrier fitted)?

3) If the cargo barrier is the same unit would it mean I can have this unit repositioned before the second row being folded forward?

4) How about the cargo barrier being put behind front row of seats with the second row being removed? Anybody has done that? I also wonder if this requires some re-registration?

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16-04-09, 08:11 PM
1) Same barrier, different brackets
2) Standard I believe
3) you have to fold the seats forward then move the barrier
4) You can remove the second row seats but with the standard 2nd position brackets you then have a gap of around 600mm between the back of the front seats and the barrier - I have this at present in my NS - pretty sure NP is the same.