View Full Version : Anyone experienced at spray painting ?

23-03-09, 01:42 PM
The ol Paj has a few 'back to plastic' scratches on guards, bumper covers etc that I wouldn't mind removing.
I have a reasonable spray gun that I used to use at work, so I'm considering doing the work myself.
What I'm not sure about is the prep side of the guards.
What coats (and how many) will I be needing. I assume I will need a primer, topcoats and a clearcoat. Is that it or is there more to it ?

23-03-09, 02:47 PM
Firstly what you need to consider is which way will work out the cheapest.
what i mean by this is you can do this work with the use of automotive acrylic laqure pressure pack cans or buy the needed products in cans that you will have to mix with thinners etc and use you spraygun that hopefully does a good job .
for pressure pack cans you would need; 1 x primer / surfacer, 1 x color, 2 x clear coat plus 1 x tin of wax & grease remover plus 1 x sheet of 400 grit wet & dry paper, 1 x sheet 800 & 1 x sheet 1000 grit wet & dry.

for spray gun use; 1 x pressure pack can primer / undercoat, 250 to 500 mls color coat, 1 x ltr clearcoat and approx 4 ltrs thinner.
get prices on these and work out the best way.

to do this job; wash all with wax / grease remover, feather sand [ 400 grit ]all scratches so all is flush with existing areas, lightly sand all other areas to be sprayed with 800 grit, wash again with wax / gease remover, then soapy water and let dry, spot spray prime all dark areas to where scratches were, then lightly sand [ wet ] with 1000 grit, apply more primer if needed and sand again so all is smooth. when all is dry and dust free apply 1 x coat [ color ] to the damaged areas but feather / blend this paint as you dont have to coat the total surface area, let dry for approx 30 minutes then sand lighly with 1000 grit [ wet ] when your happy with the color coating its time to apply as many coats of clear as you wish [ 4 coats is enough ] when all is done leave for 1 week then give a good polish up. woops forgot to mention the need for Masking Tape .

26-10-09, 09:46 PM
before painting wipr all the area with prepsole so that all the areas are thoughly clean or your paint will come off, ive done a lot of cars and mates a panel beater of 30+ years hopes this helps regards peter