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22-11-08, 07:00 PM
Hiya all,
I am curious to know if anyone has suffered the same?????
I own a 2004 GLS Pajero, i live in Melbourne which we all know hasn't rained for some time. The problem i have just encountered is whilst my vehicle is parked in the street as i do not have off street parking. It is sort of angled to the passenger side hence the gutter is lower than the middle of the road due to road/water camber. Now i found that during this rain period there seams to be a lot of water entering the drivers underside door????
I think it maybe entering between the door seal and the lower section of the scuff plate??
Has anyone enocountered a similar problem and how can this be resovled????
It seams to enter via the door rubber as there is a manufcture hole like a drain type of hole in the rubbers underside, hence with it being on a angle the water has no where to go but inside my cabin????
Can this be fixed????????

24-11-08, 08:34 PM
Yep it does that - from above drivers foot well.
Park it the other way around if it's going to rain.

25-11-08, 01:40 AM
So how do the door rubbers stand up to a creek crossing?????
Oh and the camber is the same on both sides of the street or does it only happen on the drivers side?

25-11-08, 09:47 AM
Just a thought a lift kit may be in order if you dont have one already.
At least it may assist with the water not getting in due to extra height.


Mr PotatoHead
25-11-08, 11:06 AM
My NM Exceed has the same problem. The good lady wife persists in parking the car the 'wrong way around', i.e. Driver's side higher than the passenger side.
I'm really getting sick and tired of lifting the carpet in the driver's foot well and drying it out.
If this is a common problem, surely there is a known fix??

25-11-08, 02:48 PM
I don't think this is a common problem or there would have been a recall. I often have water upto our number plate and never had water enter the car. (except when I got stuck :-).

Have you checked all the door seals, maybe run some Vasoline around them to help keep the soft and help seal.

25-11-08, 09:52 PM
My MY05 also leaks water from what I think is the front doorseals. I put towels in the doors before closing them last time I went through 600 mm deep water to minimise the leaks. I also get a little bit of dust in so maybe the door seals need upgrading.

26-11-08, 02:11 AM
Guys, thanks for the feedback i have since checked my door rubber seals and they seem to be in factory condition.
I was wandering if anyone else has had a similar situation. I know that my 93 Pajero was sealed like a babys bum! Never a leak there no mater how much it rained or how many rivers i crossed!

26-11-08, 02:46 AM
As Steve said, rub vasoline over the door seal, then close the door. If you get a perfect mirror image vasoline smear on the frame then the leak is not the door seal. If you don't (i.e. there is a gap in the smear) then that is where your leak is. It may be that the seal is flattened at that point, or the door/frame slightly out of tolerance.

14-01-09, 12:13 PM
I've had water in my NP a couple of times, apart form the many times the kids spill their water bottles in the back, twice on river/creek crossings. The first was on the passenger side in a 500mm crossing and all I can put that one down to was a build up of gunk (technical term for leaves and mud) behind the plastic mud guard which leads through the front quarter panel to the door. I cleaned it out and this problem has not occured again. The second time was on the way to Cape York and the water came up over the bonnett and down through the vents I had open - this was an easy fix, close the vents before crossing and slow down on my approach so as not to send water everywhere and it seems to have worked well.

The build up under guard somnething I'd recomend to check as it can build up and create a good waterflow back the door.

02-04-09, 08:28 PM
Well guys and gals,
I have fixed the water interior leak in my 2004 Pajero!
What i found happened was the water from my clogged front gaurds had nowhere to go so it trickled into my drivers side floor.
Repair work consisted of flushing the front gaurds out with water from inside the door pillar when the door is open. You will find a plastic cover, place a hose below it between the gaurd and front pillar keep flushing until all crap is released and water is flowing freely out of the gaurd drain hole and hey presto!
No more water on and in my floor!

07-04-09, 12:49 PM
Good stuff and much cheaper than replacing door seals and parking your car with the nose pointing to Mecca. You have just reminded me to do mine again as it doesn't take long to build up.