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20-10-08, 01:11 AM
Hi guys,

New to the forum and recently bought an 05 NP pajero, and was curious on how i can remove the far rear seats so i can get more storage space? have had a look and i saw 3 bolts, 2 i can get to and 1 is under the plastic cover, just wanted to know if someone knows how to get at that last bolt?



20-10-08, 05:15 AM
If the NP is the same as the NM, there is no need to unbolt anything. Do you have the owner's manual for the vehicle? The instructions are in the section dealing with seats & seatbelts etc. Basically (in the NM) you fold the seatback forward using the lever on the left side of the seatback, then further forward using a little lever at the left hand hinge, then pull a lever that is in the centre rear of the seat platform. Then you fold the supports under the front of the seats and push downward on the front of the seat which will raise the rear of the seat and unlock it. Open the plastic covers at each side and the seat should just lift out.


green monster
20-10-08, 07:25 AM
i almost unbolted everything too,,then my brother in law who also has a Paj ,,removed them in seconds easily!!! brilliant design i reckon, Good work MM
gaz1 is right check the manual its easier than you first imagine

13-01-14, 06:47 PM
Thanks for this thread just saved me alot of time. To easy