View Full Version : Pajero Exceed 11/94 keyless entry module

21-08-08, 09:08 PM
Gday, can anyone help me with the location of the Keyless entry module on my 11/94 Pajero Exceed 6G74?

Which models use the same module ?

And if anyone can sugest where I can get one from, would be appreciated ?
I live in Melbourne.

NOTE : I have replaced the remote thinking that was the fault, took it to the local dealer who tried to program it using MUT II, with no luck. I tried to program it myself, but it wont go into registration mode.


03-11-09, 07:35 PM
YEP it is under the dash buy the right hand speaker have to remove some pannel covers if it is a true jap fitted unit it will unplug but saying that most 94,s i have seen have the full after market alarm on them .
ok if you have bought the paj second hand and the keyless entry was not working. alot of dealers just cut and butchered the wires ( worst senario) :(
just take the time to check out the unit underneath some have a programe switch on the unit that also needs to be pressed. :)
if it looks like a well eaten spagetti under there and wires have been snipped ,get another after market system and re wire the whole thing in yourself it is not that hard to do if you are a good solderer ,have a test light, multimeter and some shrink tube remember be tidy and take your time . but if in doubt take it to the auto sparky to do
mine had and after market one in it from new that was butchered when i bought it man the dealer cut wires and it was in terrable shape , so i took it out and just replaced it with a new after market one not top of the range but its keyless entry ,immobilises activates door locks when your on the move activates the hazards when a passenger exits or opens the door and has the usuall panic alarms. and is expandable to wind up the windows when you press lock as well.

hope this helps