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22-07-08, 04:25 PM
after reading about walker using a protective coating i found this stuff
its a roll on peel off clear coating to protect you paint from scratches
you apply it to the car go bush and when your finished it just peels off or if it gets really wet it will wash off
1kg - $45
2kg - $82
4kg - $143
10kg - $330
they say if applied correctly 1kg will do a complete car and 1.5 kg to do a complete 4wd but if you only do the sides a lots less.
i have never tried this but im keen to give it a go they are quoting $30 to courier it to melb cheaper in bulk

25-07-08, 10:18 PM
Ok so whats wrong with bush jewellery ? Just kidding - off roading is great but I do also hate washing the mud off and seeing all of the newwww... bush jewellery ..........arh........

The local panel beater (PB) reckons that i should "enjoy" each trip' "spoils" until I want to sell the Paj at which stage he thinks he can buff my trips out (but he also offered that if I'm keen to buff them out after every trip that I will end up with a paintless paj - nuff said!)

So back to the protective coating mentioned - sounds like a great idea - would I spend the dosh ? - not sure - probably tend to stick to the PB idea and spend the money at the end to get the fun polised out - but if the day to day "lack of bush jewellery' - ie needs to look like a Toorack Tractor is important to the company" then I reckon I would consider a protective coating.

I reckon its a personal choice of costs an benefits.

That said, I have no first hand experiance of the protective films but as Jason askes for those that have tried the product - do they work? and would you use a protective coating again ???

26-07-08, 01:15 AM
I used a similar product scratchpro. worked well but was a bit of work to get off. I only used for long or rough trips.

worth a few bucks to save the paint.

26-07-08, 11:48 AM
Yes, scratchpro is what I used recently.

I would not bother using it for weekend trips but it was great on the recent big trip we did. I just cant find it anywhere now.

28-07-08, 05:11 PM
recieved my 1 litre today i will try it on the weekend (forumites day out) if its not raining as hard as they predict and do a write up next week

28-07-08, 06:59 PM
recieved my 1 litre today i will try it on the weekend (forumites day out) if its not raining as hard as they predict and do a write up next week

You got enough for the two other NS's that are coming :lol9[1]:. I think one is only a couple of weeks old!

Pete & Mon's NS
30-07-08, 06:49 AM
These guys also do alight scratch coating, but a bit expensive and doesn't seem to be as heavy duty as Jason's


Can't wait for the review Jason...


30-07-08, 08:02 AM
the old saying is prevention is better than cure
our paj is the family mover/ mrs car so if i want it on weekends i had better look after it. plus we had a black paj before and the bush pinstripes stand out a fair bit and we went for another dark color this time (envy green)

your stuff looks a bit more permanant and hard to put on. with this stuff you polish the car first and then just roller it on. goes on white but goes clear and you cant see it (tried a patch on my commodore first) and when your done, wet it find the edge and peel it off. how well it comes off ill wait and see but they say the stubborn bits come off with a pressure wash i guess it depends on how many bits i miss with the polish.:dunno[1]:

i sound like a salesman for the stuff before i have tried it but they did send me a stubbie holder, 2 pens and 2 key rings :D

04-08-08, 08:57 AM
well i done a test patch on the front bumper but couldnt get a smooth finish with a brush or the roller:dunno[1]:(might try a better roller next time) so i only did the front bumper corners and the flares. we headed up to narbethong on sat afternoon in the rain and when we got there the coating had turned white and was peeling off:disappointed[1]: it wasn't raining that hard so its a bit dissapointing. on the upside it came off easy. since i already have it i will try it again when its not raining.
i havn't washed the car yet to see if we have any scratches

10-08-08, 01:37 AM
as a painter... we use seal and peel to protect windows... makes painting around windows really easy.. smash the paint on, when it dries peel the seal off.... might not be as pretty as these other products designed for cars, though does dry clear, and will protect from minor light scratches, aint gonna save the big ones though... just thought id mention it... may be a cheaper option... just means you gotta hand paint your own car with what turns out looking like glad wrap..., and obviously the more coats the more scratch resistant... and very easy to get off. I imagine it is much softer than the dedicated anti scratch products you mention, though might be a whole lot cheaper too.