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20-01-13, 08:55 AM

Has anyone dealt with Trek Tech 4WD solutions located in Wingfield SA?? If so, what is the quality of their work and how do they compare to other products. Im looking at their draw systems. :dunno[1]:


20-01-13, 01:29 PM
Hi Heath,

I had a draw system that included a slide out table, cargo barrier & tilting fridge slide installed by Trek Tech and couldn't be happier. The guy's were very professional and helpful with idea's. One thing to keep in mind is that because their systems are made in ply they are heavier than metal systems on the market. Saying that i'd highly recommend them.

20-01-13, 07:16 PM
Thanx Bobster,

I would assume you would have done some cost comparison, was their pricing on par, more or less in price than other systems out there??

21-01-13, 10:27 PM
Hi Heath,

Yes compaired several other systems but for quality & price i'm very happy.

All up i got a two draw system with slide out table, tilting fridge slide & half cargo barrier for $2,500. The cargo barrier is hinged so it can lay flat when i want to carry longer items.