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06-11-12, 08:51 PM
And no I'm not talking about a number shades of gray.

What's everyone using to keep their leather seats in good condition? Whilst I'm at it what are people using on the interior plastics?

07-11-12, 07:48 AM
Hi Craka

My NP Exceed is the first car I've ever had with leather seats and while they look great when they are new, they are buggers to look after. Mine are 9 years old now and they are definately showing their age - the leather develops little cracks in the surface that collects the dirt etc. and they look bloody awful after a while.

If I'd had my time over again with these seats, I think I would have put covers on them - everybody said "No" when I suggested it when the car was new, but really I think it is the only way to keep them looking good.

I recently went to the upholsterer to see about having a repair done to a slight tear in one seat - down the side near the seat adjuster. He told me the sun buggers the leather (hence covers would be good), and matching the colour of the leather is almost impossible. He said to get anything like the colour he would need to purchase a complete hide and did tell me how much that was (I can't rememeber) - you could probably get the whole seat redone with it.

I don't think it will make a great deal of difference what products you put on the leather, over time it will deteriorate. My advice is to keep it scrupulously clean and try and source a product that stops it going brittle. An upholstered might be your best bet for finding a good product.

As far as the dash and other plastic parts are concerned, I always use the Armorall range of products - they have been around for years and they still seem to work ok today.



07-11-12, 01:05 PM
Could always go with the good old saddle dressing I suppose? Been warned off armor all was looking for.alternative.

10-11-12, 07:19 AM
Hi, I have always used armourall leather protectant about once a month and my seats are still looking great. I tried a Meguiars leather cleaner / conditioner once but found that it got stuck in the stitching and holes in the leather and dried to form a white sort of powder and looked terrible and took ages to get rid of it. I also keep a container of Armourall leather wipes in the glovebox in case the kids spill something.
Regards Trent

14-11-12, 02:22 PM
Hi Craka,
I've always used mothers leather cleaner on my leather seats, applied liberally then scrubbed lightly with a nail brush and cleaned off with terry toweling cloth. only small section at a time so it doesn't dry. you will be amazed at how much dirt comes off. then liberally with the mothers nourishing cream, i think its called, lots of it and rubbed in well, then wipe off excess with clean terry towel again, smells good to.

14-11-12, 09:17 PM
Hey Paul, could you tell me more about the 'mothers leather products'. My 03 np seats need a bit of attention. Thanks. Cheers Brenden