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26-06-12, 05:11 PM
Hi guys,

I hit a Roo doing 90 km/h and now have quite some damage to the passenger side of my MY11 NT as well as damage to the OEM Mitsubishi alloy bar.

I was going for a steel bar now (ARB deluxe bar or TJM bar) because it is the best time to do a change to a winch compatible bar and not upsetting the wife.

I was told that I can't change from the oem to a aftermarket bar unless I buy a new bumper that would be needed for a bumper cut out ???:dunno[1]::dunno[1]::dunno[1]:

Has anyone here done a swap and has some more info please...


26-06-12, 06:49 PM
Put a smart bar on it. Winch compatible, lighter and less likely to stuff the body when you hit another roo.

26-06-12, 07:15 PM
Have you tried any wreckers? See what they sell a used bumper for and have the panel shop spray whats needed for fitting?? But then the cost of the bumper may put you p to a smart bar anyway.

26-06-12, 07:22 PM
Car is at the panel shop and they are going to order all parts they need to fix tomorrow so it is a bit tight times wise.

And its all paid for by my Insurance so I was trying to stuck to the bull bar replacement value to not have to pay on top of it.

How much would a Smart bar go for?
Btw weight isn't a problem I had my suspension upgrade done two weeks ago.