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14-04-08, 05:53 AM
Was driving down the Pacific Highway from Brissy to Newy when a massive storm hit us just south of the Taree turnoff. You should have seen the size of the hail. So for the first time, I have a car that has been hammered with hail!!!!!! Looks pretty bad. I would say at least 100-150 sizeable dents on the bonnet and double that on the roof. Not happy. My wife was:censored[1]: herself and I must admit, so was I!!!!!!!!

It's not a good feeling when your pride and joy is all dented, especially when I lovingly wash and polishe her almost weekly, the car I'm talking about:D

Anyone had any luck out there with getting this amount of hail damage out?

I will wash her tonight and take some photos.

A not so happy John.

14-04-08, 07:55 AM
I just missed that same storm travelling from Port Mac to Newcastle.

What a bugger...
They may write the vehicle off if it's reasonable size dents and heaps all over.

14-04-08, 05:25 PM
John, that NP of yours seems doomed. You have had a few hassles of late haven't you? I am sorry to hear about the hail damage. As Marquis says the insurance co may well write it off.

14-04-08, 06:10 PM

Sounds like it could be a total loss, doesnt take much these days because they can recover a lot of dollars at auction. Is the front and rear glass busted?


14-04-08, 06:40 PM
Does hail fall under these little loopholes called 'acts of god'? Never made a claim personally, just having a wonder......

Can atheists get insurance cover without god being involved..??

14-04-08, 07:38 PM

Sorry to hear about your damage, have just gone through it myself with my other car (Subaru Imprezza)following storm just before Christmas in Sydney. My car was fixed and below is what a mate who is an assessor with a major company told me;

* average hail job is $8 - $12K
* will write the car off if damage approaches 80% of insured value
* all my dents were removed via paintless dent removal (roof 130, boot 30, can't remember the rest), perfect job, you would never know it was damaged
* a couple of friends with larger dents had panels replaced

Hope that helps.


15-04-08, 05:42 AM
Thanx for the info fellas. Yeah, had a bit of a bad run of it lately. It really couldn't have come at a worse time as we were going to replace the truck in a month or 2. Looks like it will cost around the $12k mark to get it fixed, so no write off, now that would have helped, oh well.
There are certainly some good dents. Now it's hurry up and wait for the insurance company to get their act together and book it in. They reckon it will take a good 2 or 3 weeks to get it fixed as it's a new bonnet, paintless dent removal on the sides and the panel beater is going to pop them out, strip, sand, etch prime and respray on the roof, a lot of work if you ask me.


15-04-08, 07:33 AM
Mate, sorry to hear your tale.

Just looking at your list of extras. Do you have these covered under your policy as well, it's very easy to aquire these bits and forget to include them on your policy.

If not, and if you think the insurance co may write off, it might be worth beginning to remove it all. When our insurance co made the decision to write off our little Toyota Starlet after it's 'come-together' with an 18-wheeler, the decision was made and we had 24 hours to have it ready for collection. Gave me just enough time to get off the 4 new tyres I recently put on and that was about it.


15-04-08, 07:46 PM
Watch out for the PDR (paintless dent removal) I had Navara D/cab hit by a hail storm badly, insurance company went for the PDR and finish was sh*thouse all wavy I could pick from 20m tried to get fixed but insurance (cgu) company bull so I just sold it in the end.Be very careful if there are very fine cracks in the paint you wont see the damage for months or years.