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27-03-08, 03:34 PM
when i first drove my NM on a wet dirt road and then hit dry bitumen, the noise i was getting from the mixture of mud and small stones was like a hail storm so i had to do something quick. taking a close look under the wheel arches reveiled PLASTIC covers if you even tap on these with your finger you will get my drift [ hollow ] even though the vehicle has its stock under wheel arch tar spray , its not enough as the plastic mouldings are fitted after this. what i did was after some good cleaning with the water blaster and some drying time was i firstly stuck small [ sticky dots ] over all screw heads that hold these mouldings to the arch area so if the time comes when you need to remove a moulding, the screw heads will be clean and easy to remove. then i applied a few genorous coats of under body paint material, the same used proffessionally, also its a good idea before this sets is to trim around the area between this plastic mould cover and the metal arch area with a blade so the under body paint wont stick these together, plus remove the dots. the vehicle is so much quieter now its worth all the time and slight effort, i also sprayed all of the under body area. if you have a decent air compressor all you need is to buy this under body spray kit from good paint shops, price around $60 plus tar / paint cartridges $16 .

12-02-09, 02:01 PM
Hey Dolphin thanks for this. Are there any no-go areas under the body, or areas to separate off like you did with the sticky dots, or do you just spray the whole thing? I'm new to this lark but anything that protects the underneath and reduces noise has to be a plus. What brand of paint/sealant did you use?

12-02-09, 03:28 PM
you only need to spray the product under all 4 wheel arches and under the vehicles sub frame flooring including tank guards etc. keep the transmission / diff / and any small fittings clean, if you use the gun i mentioned its very directional and wont blast overspray all over the place, it works very well. the product brand is SEPTONE UNDERBODY BLACK or GREY and it comes in 1 ltr ready to screw on tins.