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05-09-11, 12:12 PM
Has anybody experienced this?

Windscreen replaced some years back in my NP Paj. Recently when driving on a road where the body may twist a little, a noise like a hand clap occurs in the area of the base of the windscreen passenger side.

I removed the glove boxes and with someone else driving, listening closely in that area, it seems as though the noise is coming from where the screen affixes to the body.

Can find nothing that might cause such a noise...has anyone experienced the windscreen causing such a noise...maybe by shifting in the rubber, or the rubber shifting against the frame?


05-09-11, 06:45 PM
A noise that loud would be rather strange from the windscreen as they are bonded to the body with urothane, it it was the case that the bonding had let go because the activator wasnt cleaned of the glass correctly you could possibly get some sort of noise but you would also have a wind noise as well , you could try putting a little presure on the inside of the windscreen around the edges and see if there is any movement , if this is the case ring and let the company that fitted it know and book it in for warrenty.

06-09-11, 09:50 AM
I would be looking for another cause as well. Sound can sometimes travel through metal and appear away from its origin. Get it up on a hoist and see if you can get your hands on a inspection camera to see if there is any splits or separations of panels.
Do you have dual batteries? Check mounting brackets perhaps.
Maybe it is inside the cabin and maybe plastic in the dash has cracked or separated?

Best of luck.

12-09-11, 07:53 PM

Had exactly the same problem after a windscreen replacement. It sounds like the dash is moving (not rattling) or a wind beffetting noise against the screeen. I have had Windscreen's Obrien replace the glass from the chines import to factory OEM and still no joy. Approached Windscreens O'Brien again and they went easy on the foam where the bottom screen meets the firewall area and voila...problem fixed.

Problem was that there was too much foam supporting the screen at the bottom - believe it or not. Windscreens O'Brien persisted with me for over 6 months with this problem - to their credit, never a chore for them. Good service...Cheers Scott.

12-09-11, 09:15 PM
Thanks fellas....will have the screen removed and test for noise without screen fitted. No guarantee that removal won't end up breaking screen, according to quote, but it's annoying enough to accept the cost. No dual battery. Have to accept noise may be from something else.

Windscreen place guy did say it's quite common for a replaced screen to create a noise but usually a 'creaking' noise as it shifts. Next time I will clean the frame area myself.


13-09-11, 02:45 PM
Windscreen place guy did say it's quite common for a replaced screen to create a noise but usually a 'creaking' noise as it shifts.
Mmmm interesting , have been in the windscreen replacement buisness since 1986 and havnt heard that .


14-09-11, 10:10 PM
MickyDeee......if you haven't heard similar....makes me wonder why he said that! Will have to investigate elsewhere (other than screen) for a while...thanks for telling me...

Though Ecosse had something similar that was screen..