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26-07-11, 12:16 PM
Hi all,
Have got this rust problem (see attached photos) on the top of the doors on my 06 np. It seems to be evident on all 4 doors to varying degrees. From my understanding the 5 year warranty does not cover this problem ( have got 5 months left) can any one confirm this.
Whats the best method or solution to this problem. Whilst the vehicle has never been on the beach, we do llive 200m from a surf beach. Thanks for any advice given



27-07-11, 02:34 PM
If it isn't covered, get it seen too ASAP and then check every nook and cranny. You would be amazed at how far salt laden air is blown inland from the coast on a windy or stormy night and then it is transferred inland by traffic.

Strange it attacked those spots.

27-07-11, 06:28 PM
I have the same issue with my two rear passenger doors. But I don't think that it is an issue with your distance to the ocean. My door seals allow water to sit behind the seal. Allowing water to sit there every time in rains or I wash the car.
Very frustrating as once I have the rust taken care of; will I be able to correct the faulty seals???

28-07-11, 05:47 PM
the above pics are typical factory painting works, ie; the face gets a good spray but the edges do not. all you can do is sand / treat and respray.

28-07-11, 06:45 PM
some fish oil will slow it down. Apply lightly tho as it can smell a bit if you get it inside the car.