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01-05-11, 07:06 PM
has anyone changed the drivers seat in their gen 2 pajero, any info would be great

02-05-11, 07:16 AM
Shouldn't be too hard like the new gen with airbag in them. This is what I did with my NT Pajero...
Basically turn off & remove your ignition key, isolate positive battery terminal if you want to be extra careful, then pop out the plastic caps at each corner of the seat's mounting bracket to reveal the 16mm nuts and bolts on the floor then undo them with a deep socket wrench or whichever tools you have. Finally undo the clips connecting the wiring to your seat's before lifting the seat off the floor.

Edited: Sorry I have just confirmed in my Pajero NT earlier and the 2 nuts at the front and the 2 bolts at the rear that held the seat frame to the floor are 14mm hex shaped. And if you are also removing the seatbelt buckle then it'd be 17mm hex shape.