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15-03-11, 10:28 PM

I hope this is in the correct section!!!

I have a 2003 NP Exceed and i want to install a roof mounted DVD Player, has anyone here removed a roof lining and if so how hard is it. What's the best way to remove the retaining clips without breaking them?

I installed one in a VZ Berlina a couple of years ago and it took about 4 hours taking my time, i have my fingers crossed that it's not that hard:help[1]:


06-04-11, 01:08 PM
I'd also be interested in this. The roof lining on my Paj has dropped a bit behind the back seats. I was going to wait until I did the console before tackling it.

06-04-11, 08:59 PM
I had a look over the weekend and it's not to hard to remove the lining, it would take some time but it's ok.

The little clips just pull out with a little wiggle and the rest is just pulling the bits off... i did however decide not to install the roof mounted DVD just because of the points i could mount it did not suit what i was looking at..... so i'm going with the headrest ones.

If your lining needs work i would take it to a professional, heaps ot of work and may not look 100% if it's a one off.

27-04-12, 04:37 PM
I would not recommend fitting a roof mounted DVD player.
My NP Exceed had a factory fitted one (Doesent work anymore ) & the roof has collapsed :curse5[1]:. I took it to a crash repairer, he loves Pajero's, has owned 7 of them himself. He advises it can be a common problem with roof mounts that the weight of the DVD and a rough road can cause the internal support bar to separate from the roof which in conjunction with the weight of the DVD player cause the roof to drop. (my problem). He has done a couple and advises is is a pig of a job as the whole roof lining has to be removed then adhesive placed on the support bar, push it up then support the whole thing with whatever and allow two days for the adhesive to set.
His quote to repair mine would be between $500 - $900 depending on difficulty, parts required & the time taken. :mad:
As most DVD players don't seem to last to long so add the extra expense of buying a new one seems hardly worth the effort considering the only persons who may use it is a rear seat passenger on a long trip. I beleive a better and cheaper option is the dual DVD players that hang from the rear of the front seats so children can watch their own independently, they can be easily removed and used away from the vehicle.
Aso bearing in mind that Pajero Roof mounted DVD players are not actually a factory fit but were fitted in Australia by I think Eurovox who have gone under. So no spare parts or any assistance for the ones they fitted in Australia. I think you should get my drift on why I would not recommend fitting one or consider buy and older Paj with one already fitted.
A friends son who owned an earlier model Paj had the same problem removed the DVD player gained access to the support bar through the opening re-glued it himself. I tried that, the DVD removed easily but there is a support plate underneath that is attached somehow to the support beam and I can not work out how to remove that to gain access to the cavity??? there are no visible screws or clips that I can see. So If I want to repair the roof It would appear that the roof lining may have to be removed. Now as it is an Exceed model it has the added complications of rear roof ducting for air conditioning etc.