View Full Version : Cleaning the black Bumper On A Pajero

29-11-10, 05:35 PM
Hi All

I have just cleaned my back bumper on my GEN 2 as it was milky color. I used some Peanut Butter on a rag rubbed it in and then polished it off. WOW it looks like new now the oil out of the Peanut Butter soaks in and rejuvenates the rubber. I did the black surround on the tail lamps as well as the number plate holder. WARNING not good for areas that have BEARS!!!!!! LOL

29-11-10, 06:46 PM
Its also great for removing chewing gum.

NM Gary
29-11-10, 07:08 PM
I would like to try this but my Paj is allergic to peanuts.

29-11-10, 07:13 PM
Crunchy or Smooth ?

29-11-10, 07:17 PM
Crunchy or Smooth ?
That depends if you want to polish only or do a cut & polish.:drive[1]:

29-11-10, 07:35 PM
That depends if you want to polish only or do a cut & polish.:drive[1]:
You might all so start the age old argument about "peanut butter" or peanut paste" I'm a paste man myself.

Uncle Fester
29-11-10, 07:45 PM
did you butter the bar first or keep it healthy and go no butter option because of weight?

29-11-10, 09:34 PM
...doesn't mean that it's toast!!! :lol9[1]::D:):D:lol9[1]:

Cheers ;)

29-11-10, 11:25 PM
The smell of peanut butter makes me feel sick :(

01-12-10, 10:00 AM
Personally I hate the taste (too salty as well), so I think it might be a good use for the stuff, after all it is black in colour! :D
Shame to waste perfectly good peanut-butter! :p

Cheers ;)

17-01-11, 11:59 AM
Hi guys, recently done mine, I used the liquid engine and bildge degreaser. its made be Chemtecth ( or simillar name) made it look like brand new! ( Full strenth,) and did the entire body of the car, bit extream, but geez it looks great now!