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24-10-10, 08:38 PM
After taking our NT for an offroad trip today I gave it a good cleaning today.

I was surprised at a couple of places that can really harbour dirt and crud ...

1. Inner wheel arches and trip join. I hosed under here with my massojet for a long time and pulled out a lot of mud and stuff. Seems to be a place where quite a bit could get jammed.

2. Rear door inner seals. When you open the rear door, squat down and look at the part of the flare attached to the door. There is a rubber seal there and it also holds lots of dirt and gunk.

Anyone else noted some particularly bad places where dirt, crud and worst of all sand can build up?

Each 4WD seems to have particularly bad spots. On my old Jeep the rear bumper was very bad - I even pulled it off once, just to clean in there properly.

David Anderson
24-10-10, 09:37 PM
You're not wrong about that.

Whoever thought the pocket things near the mud guards on the back and the double lining on the back doors were a good idea needs to think about a new line of work. :disappointed[1]:

In fact, I think the wheel arches are really plasticky and cheap and shouldn't have all those easy to break panel screws holing it together.
I've had a good look around in there with a view to adding sound deadening, but I doubt it would work will all the plastic..

Anyway, still very happy to take it out in the mud and worry about all the **** later..:D

30-10-10, 07:58 PM
The factory side steps like to hang on to the mud also! After the last clean i could top dress the lawn from there!