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15-09-10, 07:42 PM
Gday All.
I will have to buy a set of mats for our NP soon and was wondering what people recommend?
I have requested a quote for a 3 piece set of carpet mats (2 fronts and a 1 piece rear) from www.matcraft.com.au, so will wait to see what they come back with, including shipping cost.
I have also been looking at the sandgrabba moulded rubber mats. These are quite expensive, but I can see the advantages of this sort of mat, especially with 2 kids and a wife that could not really care much about the cleanliness of our cars..... She's never the one that has to clean the cars, so why should she care? But that's a whole 'nother story!
Is anyone using either of these mats in their Gen 3 (or other model) Paj?
If so, what is the quality and fit like?
Also, what brand of dash mat do people recommend that fits the dash nicely of a NM/NP Paj?
Any alternative recommendations?
Thanks in advance, Dan.

15-09-10, 09:23 PM
I just got universal floor mats from Supercheap auto, cost me 10 dollars and though they aren't a perfect fit, they collect sand / dirt and are cheap!

My dash mat cost me around 20-30 dollars and was also from supercheap, It came with these little velcro attachments as well, which do a very good job at holding the mat down, 2 years later and the mat is still as good as new (no fading etc.)



17-09-10, 09:02 AM
I have got universal sand grabber type rubber mats about 40.00 each from local auto shop.

17-09-10, 03:36 PM
Thanks guys. Got the quote back from Matcraft. $99 for a fitted 3 piece set (2 fronts and 1 piece rear) and $22 delivery from WA to Adelaide.
Pretty happy with that, so went for them.
Also picked up a dashmat from Supercrap last night as they have them on sale at the moment for about $32.
All sorted now!
Cheers, Dan.