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29-06-10, 06:37 PM
Just wondering if anyone has fooled around with "Clay Bar" cleaning systems that seem to be all the rage at the moment?

I have just bought an 02 Challenger which is in great condition however on the upper surfaces of the car the finish was "gritty" for want of a better word. I knew the paint was faded in spots and wasn't really worried as this indicated to me that it was original paint and body work etc and been in no accidents.

I polished the car when i got it and it was as smooth as a babies bum however a few weeks later the "gritty" feeling was back.

I was about to blow a fortune on a polish thinking that would fix it when i started reading about these Clay Bar kits.
I ended up buying a clay bar kit this afternoon and I am now officially a convert.
I wiped down my car when I got home and to me looked as clean as it can ever be.
After a few minutes with the clay bar it was obvious to me that the thing was still filthy with crap and years of crud on the paintwork.
Polishing it was a waste of time, it needs to be "cleaned" before it is polished.

The kit i bought today was about $40 and from what i have seen so far well and truely worth it.


P.S I don't work for any associated with car equipment. I am just a very recent convert. The kit I bought was as I said around $40 but I jumped on ebay and google and they can be had for cheaper than that (albeit not a name brand)

09-07-10, 08:27 PM
My NP had fine white overspray.

When I bought it, It was on the front and back of the Paj.
I rang the previous owner who said she wasn't aware of any spray painting near the Paj.

When I google earthed her address in Melb, I saw the Paj in the driveway next to a stacco wall, nice and white.

No matter. I clay blocked all over the Paj.

Most of the overspray, including on the headlights came off with the clay block.

Must be sure to keep well lubricated. I used a bucket warm water and double dose of car wash. Recommended by Detailer who sold me the block and also the paint protection.

So after clay block, I polished using paint protection prep solution.

Then finished with Paint protection solution.

Came up a treat.

So did the same for my Commodore.

You really feel the difference in the smoothness of the paint surface.

I prefer paint protection that having to wax every 3 months.

I reapply paint protetion when the paint needs to be clay blocked again. Usually about 2 years as the truck is garaged both at home and work

16-07-10, 02:25 PM
I have also used the clay blocks. took all the gritty paint back to beautiful smooth paint. Have done 4 cars with 1 block, so value for money IMO.