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22-06-10, 07:03 PM
hi all
has any one put custom sill panels in i have been looking at it and was thinking of cutting them out and replacing them with some shs or rhs something stronger i have dented them really bad and sliders just wont do it any info would be good

20-07-10, 07:44 AM
Noticed that no-one has answered your thread, so here is a suggestion;
You could try using some some silo-tube, which is shaped like the end of a skillion-roofed shed;

I've seen some forum threads (other than this Pajero Club forum), where owners have replaced rotten sills with rectangular sliders, which I thought wasn't such a bad idea.
I have pondered the pros & cons of body-mounted sliders vs the conventional chassis-mounted method, & have reached the conclusion that the latter have the potential to twist the chassis rail under severe force (realising that they are canter-levered out from chassis without any vertical bracing) which could theoretically still damage body-sills. Add to that is the problem of attaching them securely without weakening chassis members, or having bolts or brackets below rails to catch on rocks, (sort of defeats the purpose of having sliders, doesn't it!).
However, mounting them on the body distributes any impact along the sills, without too much extra weight!

Something to think about.