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  1. DIY GEN3 custom winch mount
  2. Fire Extinguishers and mounting
  3. Roley's Rear Bumper Skid Plate
  4. Boo's Bash Plates
  5. Second batch order for rear bag of 4th gens
  6. Be Aware of Saddle Bags
  7. Rear Shade
  8. Building a very different set of rock sliders.
  9. Need a welder at sydney west
  10. Catch Can Fitting
  11. TC Patch Loom Mod
  12. Room for 5 extra switches!
  13. Pesky cardholder space... Now Useful!!!
  14. EGT gauges ready!!!!
  15. Trailer storage winch
  16. Custom EGT Gauge for Gen3.. Any interest?
  17. nudge bar platform build - video
  18. Diagnostic Plug