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Old 29-04-10
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Default Lifter Noise Fix for Me

Hi Guys,

I have had Noisy Lifters in My Paj a few months after an Engine Rebuild. (I did not replace the Lifters on the head when doing a rebuild for Cost purposes).

The oil that I used, was Penrite HPR15, then I tried HPR10. Considering that I have read that Penrite make decent Oil, that I will give it ago. My Previous Oil that I used was the Castrol Magnatec 10-40W. I never had any Lifter Noise Issues Constantly when I used the Magnatec, the way I did with Penrite.

Changing to Penrite HPR's I Constantly Got LOUD Lifter Noises all the time. Only time it would go away if I was On a HWY for at least 30mins it would go away for about 1-2 weeks then come back.

I had used Lifter Free Noise Additives with the Penrite, which fixed it for about a month, but then came back again.

After Using the Penrite for a year after the rebuild, I thought to Myself that i try to have at least one Oil Change with the Castrol Magnatec and give it ago.

GUESS WHAT.. I have been driving with the Castrol Magnatec for 4 Months and two Oil Changes with No LOUD Lifter Noises. I might have a slightly faint sound when the revs jump up, but nothing like what I had put up with a Year with the Penrite Brand.

I know allot of people have bagged Castrol Oils, but whatever it does, it is doing without me having a Headache to Listen to the Lifters. I Have been using Castrol Magnatec on all my previous cars, with no issues what so ever. I do live in sydney, and this type of Oil grade might just be right for the Paj with the Climate Conditions.

Just My 2 cents of a story.
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